J Balvin Finds New Family Members Via Song Recording App


J Balvin can thank a popular music app for connecting him with a couple of new family members.

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A video of the Colombian singer from music recording app Smule went viral after two women (who thought Balvin was live on the app) explained to him that they are related. The app allows you to record a duet with singers with a prerecording from the artist. 

In the video, Balvin is singing "Ginza," in his usual fashion, while two women talk over the song to explain they are his aunts. The women hilariously try to get the singer's attention, thinking he's ignoring them, by attempting to sing along to the song, too.

After the video garnered quite a bit of attention, the 32-year-old decided to ask his father for confirmation on whether or not the two women were telling the truth. "I think it's the most hilarious thing. It's really funny. I called my dad and asked about them and they really are family. You know, like a little far away, but they're family. I thought it was funny, I think it's hilarious. It was beautiful," he told E! News

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Well, that's one way to stay in touch with family. Watch the video below:


That moment when your tía and prima crash your video We can't stop laughing #JBalvin #Ginza

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