'Fashion Star' Canceled: Nicole Richie's 6 Best Moments on the Show

It's so hard to say goodbye, but sadly, we must bid adios to one of our favorite reality TV competition shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has decided to cancel Fashion Star after only two seasons. When reporters asked NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt if the show would be returning for a third season, his response was simply "no."

We'll miss watching Nicole Richie in all her mentor-judging glory. And now, we say farewell to Fashion Star by highlighting six of Nicole's best moments on the show. Enjoy!

1. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Judges Orly Shani's Design

After making season one contestant Orly Shani cry while offering her some constructive criticsm (which we thought lended great advice), Nicole proves to Orly just why she should have listened to her in the first place.

2. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Season 2 Interview

Before the start of season two, Nicole Richie was interviewed by Fashion Star's network NBC. Richie's excitement for the new season became obvious as she discussed being a mentor and working alongside the other judges. Watch her interview below:

3. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Mentors Johana Hernandez

Remember season two contestant Johana Hernandez? Johana was part of "Team Nicole." Here's a look back at one of the moments when Nicole was busy mentoring Johana about one of her designs.

4. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Helps Daniel Silverstein

Throughout her time on Fashion Star, Nicole proved how much she truly loved working with all these upcoming designers. Take a look at how she takes a moment to really help "Team Nicole" contestant Daniel Silverstein in this clip:

5. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Season 2 Team Nicole

Nicole shows off her expert fashion skills as she discusses one of Daniel's designs in season two.

6. Fashion Star: Nicole Richie Season 2 Finale

Although "Team Nicole" designer Daniel didn't take home the big prize on the season two finale, Nicole was still very gracious about the loss. She even tweeted, "Congrats, @HunterBell! You really did wow everyone this season on #FashionStar!" Proving once again just how amazing Nicole truly is.

Watch the winning moment of the finale below: