Dominican Designer Cenia Paredes Launches Dress Collection for Curvy Women

Latina Designer Launches Dress Collection for Curvy and Pear-shaped Women

If you have a curvy or pear-shaped figure, finding a dress that fits just right can be a struggle. Luckily, Dominicana Cenia Paredes has launched a new collection that will answer your fashion prayers.

You may have seen some of Paredes’ amazing designs on celebs like Adrienne Bailon and Julissa Bermudez, but now the NYC-based designer is taking her innovative creations to HSN. Her new “Sea The Future” collection includes three of her signature dresses in a variety of bright colors and patterns. However, what truly sets these elegant dresses apart are their distinct fits.

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As a pear-shaped women herself, Paredes knew first hand of the need for more diverse fits in the fashion industry. This led the Fashion Institute of Technology graduate to create her curve-flattering fits. “The majority of today’s fashions are designed for a smaller version of the traditional hourglass figure, which only accounts for eight percent of America’s female population, while about twenty percent of America’s female population have pear-shaped body types,” she said.

Her new collection includes two fits: the Cenia Fit, which was created with pear-shaped women in mind leaving more room at the hips and less at the bust area; and the Regular Fit, made with curvy women in mind, which has more room at the bust, waist and hips.

All dresses are made with stretch fabrics and are fully-lined leaving you with a smooth and sexy look — no shapewear neeed. The collection ranges from $80-$99 and is available now at

Take a peek at some of the pieces from her line below: