This Nipple T-Shirt Fights The Battle of Gender Inequality

At Latina, we strive to inspire our readers with real-life stories that celebrate Latino achievements. That's why we decided to create a weekly segment called #LatinaMakers, where we will highlight Latinx entrepreneurs that are empowering our community through their creativity. 

For years the Free the Nipple campaign has been using women's nipples to fight the battle of gender equality. While it's legal for men to bare their chests, women breast are not only banned from the public but also from social media platforms such as Instagram. This double standard on women nudity has us questioning why is it that men are allowed to be shirtless but we're not. 

While nipple rights are just one of the many injustices women face in today's society, talking about it and taking a stand further raises awareness of other gender disparities. That's exactly what embroidery artist, Jose Ramirez, has done with his brand, Embroidery Nipples. The Mexico City-based artist is using stitchings to depict nipples on t-shirts that everyone can wear.

Inspired by the women's equality movement, the embroider started creating his gender-neutral garment after receiving recycled material. "I have a workshop and a neighbor had given me recycled couture materials so I decided to practice on a stitch that gave that natural nipple effect on a basic tee, so that article gave me an extra kick in the butt to go ahead and embroider my own nipples inspired from the movement "free the nipple," he said. 

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Ramirez added, "My goal was to create a very realist embroidery as to recreate body parts, while invested in that process I came across the “Free the Nipple” movement. I linked it immediately to my own work in progress. I was able to use the material available to me at that point, therefore intervening my own t-shirt, later on, I added the extra element of the removable piercing because of the material combination it creates."

With Instagram's strick anti-nipple policy for women, the 23-year-old's design is challenging the platform's nudity policy. " I think the pieces adapt really well to social media, as they work to maintain the anonymity of the users. Social media platforms are unable to censor the content, making it possible to show a pierced nipple."


While the designer sells his products directly through his Instagram account, he hopes to make them more accessible to the public. "I’m still in the process of building a sales platform around the world. Right now I’m working on pieces that relate more towards intersectional and racial inclusion, without leaving behind the soul of embroidery nipples," Ramirez said. "My purpose right now includes finding sponsors to grow, expand and maintain the brand as well as collaborating with other artists and design brands."


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Check out his amazing design here.