Venezuelan Sisters Help Update Your Fall Wardrobe With The Perfect Transitional Layer

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Dressing up accordingly to the weather is a bit of a struggle during Fall. While some days you'll want to whip out your summer shorts, other days you'll just want to bundle up in a thick coat and drink some pumpkin spice lattes.  

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To prep us for the ever-changing autumn weather, Claudia and Flavia Giardinella, are bringing us the perfect transitional layer – kimonos. Unlike heavy coats, the sisters explain kimonos are essential because they are lightweight and can be layered over anything from a dress to a basic t-shirt and jeans. 

"When we are brainstorming new designs or collections, our top priorities are: versatility, comfort, sophistication, and timeless modern design. When we were planning our next collection, kimonos felt like the perfect match. They are easy to wear, so comfortable and lightweight, and they are versatile," the sisters said. "You can wear them for any occasion: day or night, out to dinner on a chilly night or for a seaside brunch. A kimono is the perfect piece to accessorize any fall look this year. You can wear it all year-round to give your wardrobe a new life and look sophisticated while doing it!"

While you might be asking yourself, "What makes these kimonos any different than the ones you can find at Forever 21 or H&M," for starters, these summer-to-fall transitional pieces are actually inspired by art. That's right! The Venezuelan beauties created artTECA, a line that turns art created by contemporary artists from around the globe into wearable everyday pieces. 

Their collection includes a variety of printed scarves, blouses, tanks, pants, and now kimonos that seamlessly tie in our love of both fashion and art. Claudia and Flavia, who are art aficionados themselves, follow art fairs and galleries, in hopes of discovering the next artist and work of art to incorporate into their garments. All the pieces are 100% silk, which makes them super light and comfortable to rock year-round.

But that's not all! Claudia and Flavia didn't just want to give art life through a different medium, they also wanted to help it continue to flourish. A proceed of every purchase goes to a local non-profit organization that helps with art education. "Every time you buy an artTECA piece, we donate a percentage of sales to initiatives that promote art education for low-income students in Miami, Florida. the Art education is very important for children and offers many developmental benefits, so this is why we believe we need to remove barriers and promote art and allow these students to explore art." I mean, who doesn't love a feel-good buy?!

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Check out the kimonos and more amazing pieces at the artTECA website here