Up Your Sex Appeal With These Lingerie-inspired Fashion Pieces

These days, underwear is no longer only for the bedroom. It’s time to take a second look at your nightgowns and lingerie as possible fashion statements! No idea where to start? Take your style cue from these celebs, who show you how to incorporate boudiour style into public ensembles:

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1. Gisele Bundchen

While chain links don’t necessarily say "lingerie" they can speak to being naughty in the bedroom, if you know what we mean.

2. Gisele Bundchen link

Get the look: ASTR Chain Hem Tank, $54, Nordstrom.com

3. Jourdan Dunn

They say sheer leaves little to the imagination, but combine it with a covered look and you're good to go!

4. Jourdan Dunn link

Get the look: Forever 21 Sheer Crochet-Paneled Jumpsuit, $30, forever21.com

5. Nicole Richie

A bustier is not only a fashion statement, but it also takes a few inches off of your waist. Score!

6. nicole richie link

Get the look: L’AGENT Penelope bonded satin corset, $225, lanecrawford.com, amazon.com and shopbop.com

7. Eva Longoria

Lace is the ultimate feminine and flirty detail. Pair with leather for an edgy flair.

8. Eva Longoria link

9. Selena Gomez

A teddy-inspired dress gives off an effortlessly sexy vibe perfect for a first date.

10. Selena Gomez link

Get the look: Topshop WET-LOOK LACE HEM SLIP DRESS, $85, topshop.com

11. Taylor Swift

If you don’t mind dressing a little risqué, opt for super short shorts (that are borderline briefs) and make a statement.

12. Taylor Swift link

Keepsake Follow the Sun Ruffled Shorts, $138, nastygal.com

13. Kim Kardashian

For the ultimate dominatrix look, go for a tight outfit in shiny leather.

14. Kim Kardashian link

Prime peplum skirt, $79, pixiemarket.com

15. Vanessa Hudgens

A velvet dress screams luxe and is seasonally appropriate for the cold winter days.

16. Vanessa Hudgens link

Get the look: ELODIA VELVET MIDI DRESS DEEP GREEN, $38, misguided.com

17. Naya Rivera

If you have a special occasion and don’t want to wear a dress, pairing satin trousers and a festive top is a great alternative.

18. Naya Rivera link

Get the look: River Island Satin Cigarette Pant, $72, asos.com

19. Alessandra Ambrosio

A little skin keeps the look sexy, but still appropriate to wear to a fancy party.

20. Alessandra link

Get the look: FLUTTER CITRUS DRESS, $35, necessaryclothing.com