Infant Dies After Father Folds Him In Half And Crushes Him

It's so shocking, it's literally unimaginable.

A Phoenix man who was watching his six-month-old son became so frustrated that the baby wouldn't stop crying, he killed him in the most horrible way.

According to the DailyMail, when interviewed by police, Robert Resendiz, 30, allegedly admitted to "pressing his son's legs over his head and bending his body in half because the infant would not stop crying."

The father, who weighs 210 pounds, apparently applied pressure "until the baby stopped moving and was limp."  Resendiz, who has been charged with child abuse and now possible murder, also allegedly admitted to also "biting the child twice out of frustration."

Police were called and the baby, named Ezekiel,  was found not breathing and unrepsonsive. According to a local Phoenix TV station, doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital reported to police that the infant "had lacerations to his liver and pancreas, a broken wrist and bruising on his thigh." He later died from these injuries.

The baby's mother, Jasmine, told the news that she never imagined that Resendiz could do this to their son.

“If there was any doubt that, you know, he would be capable of something like this, I would have never … left ‘Zeke there,” she said.

"I just want him back. I just want to hold him," she said crying. "I just want to give him his kisses. I just want to make a bottle. I want to change a diaper and I can't."

Jasmine had been preparing for Ezekiel's first birthday, but the doctors told her to start preparing for his burial.

"No one was coming with any good news. It was just like, 'Prepare yourself'.. This isn't a recipe. I can't. Prepare myself for what?"

"It's just really hard," she said, as she described how she had already wrapped his gifts for his first Christmas.

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