7 Germy Public Hot Spots

When we’re out running errands, most of us don’t realize the amount of germs we come in contact with on a daily basis. With cold and flu season just beginning, it’s time to get that hand sanitizer ready, especially after coming in contact with these seven things! 

1. Germs: ATM


You may think depositing money at your neighborhood ATM is harmless enough. However, ATM’s can carry more bacteria than a public restroom. Why? ATM cleanings are few and far between, so bacteria and viruses can stay on the surface for up to 18 hours. Make sure to wash your hands before touching you face or eating anything after coming in contact with an ATM. 

2. Germs: Gas Pumps

Gas Pumps

Pumping gas is something that most of us have to do to get by. Because these pumps are being used by a u number of people on a daily basis, germs are everywhere! Like the ATM, gas pumps are never cleaned. So, if someone sneezed in their hand and then pumped gas the day before, their bacteria is still there (pretty gross, right?). Make sure to apply hand sanitizer or wash your hands following fueling up. 

3. Germs: Menus


Eating food at your favorite restaurant is something that most of us enjoying doing. And while you don’t have to give up eating out during cold and flu season, you may want to wash your hands after you order. At popular restaurants, menus are held by hundreds of people daily. This means if they are sick, or don’t wash their hands, those germs are getting passed straight to you. So keep the menu away from your plate and silverware, and wash or sanitize after making contact. 

4. Germs: Phones


Whether it’s pay phones, work phones, or cell phones, these devices are said to harbor loads of bacteria and viruses. Cell phones in particular can be dirtier than a toilet seat since we are constantly on theses devices, and rarely clean them. So make sure to clean your own phone often, and wash your hands after using a friend’s. 

5. Germs: Grocery Carts

Grocery Carts

Before getting all those goodies on your grocery list, you may want to wipe down the cart handles first. In addition to people sneezing and coughing all over the handles, kids are sitting in the carts and unintentionally getting their germs everywhere! Many stores offer sanitizing wipes for the handles, so make sure to grab one and wipe them down before shopping. 

6. Germs: Public Restrooms

Public Restroom Door Knobs and Sink Handle

Most of us think we are in the clear as long as we don’t touch the toilet or stall in a public restroom. However, did you know that the sink handles and doorknobs contain just as many germs or more?  Make sure to use a paper towel when coming in contact with both the sink handles and doorknobs to avoid spreading bacteria such as E. Coli. 

7. Germs: Escalator

Shopping Mall Escalators

Working on getting that Christmas shopping done early? Make sure to keep your hands off the escalators or you may end up getting sick. Hundreds of people are making their way to local shopping malls daily, so bacteria and viruses on escalators build up quickly. Make sure to wash your hands or use sanitizer after touching the escalators to avoid getting sick.