6 Latino Snack Subscription Boxes You Need in Your Life

We all have those snacks that we love from our native countries. Whether it's platano chips or Duvalín, when that craving hits, you're going to want to have some in stock. 

Subscription boxes are extremely in right now. While you might be counting on ipsy and Birchbox for your beauty needs, you should definitely hit these companies up for your favorite dulces and more. 

From Mexico to Puerto Rico and more, check out the snacks from the boxes down below.

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1. Latina Food Subscriptions: myexpack


Expack, co-founded by a Puerto Rican woman named Gianna Amato, is a company that creates subscription boxes with expats from specific countries in mind. With nine boxes to choose from, they have Latin American ones from Puerto Rico, Colombia and Brazil. You can get a box of 7+ snacks for $35. 

2. Latina Food Subscriptions: mexicrate


This box is filled with orgullo mexicano! Get your favorite Mexican dulces delivered to your doorstep with Mexicrate. For $12 a month, you can get a box with 4-5 pastries delivered to your doorstep. For a box full of candy, you can get the "Candy Lovers" package for $13 filled with 25-30 pieces or the "Candy Likers" package for $6 filled with 10-15 pieces. 

3. Latina Food Subscriptions: mexitreat


This box has every Mexican after school snack under the sun, from Takis to del Valle juice boxes. For $19, you can get a box of 15 pieces per month.

4. Latina Food Subscriptions: puertoricoinabox

Puerto Rico in a Box

Get all your faves from la isla del encanto with Puerto Rico in a Box! For $20, you can get 3 items, for $35 you get 5 items and for $60 you get 10 items.

5. Latina Food Subscriptions: abuelamamimiami

Abuela Mami

Need some cafecito in your life? The Abuela Mami box got you. Hit up this Cuban-themed box for some coffee, malta, snacks and more for $20 a month.

6. Latina Food Subscriptions: latinoboxus

Latino Box

Can't decide which country's snacks you love most? Get the Latino Box for the ultimate experience. You can get 6+ items for $16 per month or 12-15 items for $30 per month.