5 Signs You’re at a Latino Easter

Easter is (almost) here! It’s time for your Latino Catholic guilt to kick in, finally eat meat on Fridays, and, more importantly, get dressed in pastel colors. But nothing comes close to celebrating with your crazy familia — here are five signs you're at a Latino Easter:

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1. Holy Week Redemption

If you’re Latino, you’re probably Catholic (it remains the top religion for us). And if you’re Catholic, your church attendance is lacking. Yet, when Holy Week rolls around you (along with almost your entire family) get your arses in the pews. It’s a lucha libre match to get some Palms and a fight to the death to be first in line for Easter communion. Note to the Wise: Watch dem ‘bows.

2. Palm Ready

You missed Palm Sunday mass? No worries! Your local barrio street vendor has you covered. They’ll have them decorated with a picture of your favorite saint, usually setting up shop outside Key Food, with a minor price tag attached. It’s exactly the type of commerce JC was against, but people gotta eat!

3. Good Friday aka Sad Friday

Good Friday is the most somber day in the Christian faith . . . and your mami makes sure you know it. Since Jesus Christ died on the cross at 3p.m., per your Latina mom, thou shall not listen to music, watch TV, breath, laugh, or think of anything that brings you joy. And don’t even think about hitting the club!

4. The Quinceañera Warm-up Dress

For most Latinos, Easter Sunday was your first fashion show. Big poofy pastel-colored dresses were a must to go along with your cousin’s baby blue tuxedo (Dumb & Dumber got nada on our Easter Sunday getups). For Latinas, it was like a precursor to the extravagance of your quinceañera dress — only tackier, brighter and you were rocking man-made rizos.

5. No Egg Hunting

Egg hunting? Hunting para huevos? We’re not that type of lady! When your non-Latino friends were out Easter egg hunting, you were probably at home eating eggs. Who’s the weird one now?