10 Things Latinos With Mixed Backgrounds Understand

Whether your mom and dad are from two different Latin American countries or just completely different ethnicities, growing up was an interesting experience. Here are the 10 things you definitely experienced because of your diverse background:

1. 1.

1. Twice the delicacies

Lucky you! Because your parents are from two different places, you have a world of delicious foods available to you. This probably means you have so many options that you can’t pick just one dish as your favorite.

2. 2.

2. Learning the differences between certain terms

If you are from two Latin American countries, then you know that Spanish terms can differ from place to place. This can be problem for you even if both your parents aren’t Latino. Sometimes words look similar, but are not the same thing at all.

3. 3.

3. Having to explain far too much at once

Oh, hello stranger. Here’s way more information than you need to know. Answering where you are from is never quite simple, but you are proud of your cultural identity, so you make it an effort to explain.

4. 4.

4. But you do get a kick out of people trying to guess where youre from

Of course, that person will never guess where your family is from. You didn’t fill them in on the fact that you are tied to more than one place.

5. 5.

5. Sometimes people have strange reactions to your mixed background

When people find out that your parents are from two very different places, some react by saying that you’re a weird mix. But really, what’s so weird about two people from distinct backgrounds having children together? If anything, you think it’s amazing that they found each other and then had you.

6. 6.

6. You get to mix and match traditions

Maybe one side of your family opens Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, and the other one does it on Christmas morning. You may not get to do all the traditions you parents grew up with, but you do get to celebrate some of each for something that’s special and unique to you.

7. 7.

7. You have family in two different places where you can visit

One of the best parts of having family in different places is that it gives you an excuse to visit and learn more about each place. It will make you happy, and your family, too.

8. 8.

8. People are bound to get your background mixed up

You will certainly have people who struggle to remember that your dad is from Place A and your mom is from Place B. Instead of letting it go, though, you correct them.

9. 9.

9. You can swing in and out of accents

If one of your parents is Central American and the other is from the Caribbean, you know their Spanish dialects are not exactly the same. You know all the subtle differences that make each its own thing.

10. 10.

10. Youre equal parts of both

If someone asks you what you identify most as, you will proudly say that you are as much one as you are the other. You love both places, and your parents have shared their cultures with you. You won’t let anyone make you choose.