Things You Shouldn’t Say During Hispanic Heritage Month (Or Ever!)

It's Hispanic Heritage Month — go hug a Latino ASAP! If you can't find one to hug (which we doubt, we're everywhere), take a minute to read the things you should never say to Latinos during Hispanic Heritage Month...or ever:

1. latino slide 01

“It’s cool, my best friend is Latino . . .” Or any variation of this phrase (“It’s fine, my wife is Colombian”). Just because you married a Latina or toss back some brewskis with Latinos, doesn’t give you carte blanche to say anything borderline offensive.

2. Latino slide 02

“So you were born here? Like in Jersey?” Yes, I was born in the States and am American just like you. My last name has Latin American roots, but I’m as American as apple pie.

3. latino slide 03

“You speak English so well!” Were you expecting broken English? Or Spanglish? Or Spanish? Latinos, like everyone else in the world, have the mental capacity to learn languages.

4. latino slide 04

“Christopher Columbus discovered Latin America.” Well, he thought he landed in India but he instead landed in the Bahamas. Technically, the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Tainos, etc. discovered Latin America.

5. latino slide 05

“Did you hear that new Marc Anthony song?” Yes, of course, we did. Marc Anthony’s music is constantly blaring in our head. Any new Marc Anthony song we’ve heard before you because as soon as a new one debuts, we stop what we’re doing and listen. No lie.

6. latino slide 06

“Your sister/brother must be hot!” Yes, most Latinos are attractive. What can we say: we’re a great mix. But we’re also more than our looks. Don’t pigeonhole us to our hotness…it’s not attractive.

7. latino slide 07

“But you’re so light skinned/dark-skinned. You’re not Latino.” Yes, we are. By now you should know that we come in colors, sizes and shapes. Actually, if you say we definitely can’t be friends anymore.

8. latino slide 08

“These beans are amazing!” Actually you can say this, because beans are and always will be amazing.