10 Signs You’re at a Latino BBQ

Fire up the grill! It’s barbecue season! Yet, on Memorial Day, if you still don’t know if you’re at a Latino BBQ, well we’ve provided more visual aides in memes. Click, drink responsibly, and don't forget the guac.

1. Park

No backyard? No problem! Grill your meat in public . . . a public park. 

2. Mystery Meat

Before you bite down on any mystery meat, ask the chef what you’re eating. Trust.

3. Soccer

With the World Cup weeks away, you better believe soccer will make an appearance at your family BBQ.

4. Vegetarian

We don’t speak vegetarian. Now get to steppin’!

5. Jose

Name drop to get a plate of food: Jose, Jesus, Maria, you get it.

6. Loud

It’s so loud we can’t think and we love it.

7. Non-Latino

Teach Mr. Token Non-Latino that there’s more to salsa than dipping.

8. Latino Time

“Punctual” isn’t in our vocabulary. 

9. Rice and Beans

Too much rice and beans? Nonsense!

10. Cougar

It’s BBQ season now! But it’s always cougar season!